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Mr. President Please Stick To Relevant Issues

This week the president of The United States delivered a speech on bullying.  This is the type of topic which should be discussed by a president of a board of education or a principal or a teacher.  This is a … Continue reading

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The Morons in Washington Do Not Care That You Cannot Afford To Put Gas in Your Car

The president’s limo, the vehicles his security force uses, Air Force One, the jets guarding Air Force One, all need fuel to operate.  We, the tax payers pay for that fuel.  The price of gasoline absolutely does not affect the … Continue reading

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The Liberals Have Made The United States A Laughing Stock To The Rest Of The World

The United States of America is sitting on a tremendous amount of oil reserves, and an unbeliveable amount of coal.  However the idiots in Washington refuse to let us process and sell our own resources and force us to get … Continue reading

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