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Message From The White House – Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

The liberals are in favor of free speech as long as you completely agree with them.  The Obama campaign team has created a website which allows you to turn in conservatives.  If anyone disagrees with Obama you can submit their … Continue reading

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The Morons in Washington Do Not Care That You Cannot Afford To Put Gas in Your Car

The president’s limo, the vehicles his security force uses, Air Force One, the jets guarding Air Force One, all need fuel to operate.  We, the tax payers pay for that fuel.  The price of gasoline absolutely does not affect the … Continue reading

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Hey Rush Limbaugh, Obama Succeeded

Shortly before Mr. Obama took office, Rush Limbaugh took some flack for stating on his highly successful radio show, that he hoped Obama failed.  Rush Limbaugh hoped that Obama would fail to grow government and advance his leftist agenda.  Mr. … Continue reading

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How Dumb Do The Democrats Think We Are?

The Democrat politicians in Washington must think we are utter morons.  The Democrats have been in control of the House and Senate since January 2007.  Despite what the members of the media were telling us from the beginning of 2002 … Continue reading

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Our Freedoms Come From God, Not the Government

Why did Mr. Obama leave out the most important word out of the Declaration of Independence in a recent address to the Hispanic Caucus? Leftist, Socialist Agenda The president destroyed the tourism industry in Las Vegas; he put thousands of … Continue reading

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Liberals Trying Convince Everyone About Obama’s Christianity

It is unbelievable that the liberals are now trying to convince everyone that Obama is a Christian.  When Bush was in office, the left spent both of his terms criticizing him for being a Christian, now the left is bragging … Continue reading

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