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Man Cannot Control the Weather

The liberals around the globe would have you believe that man, through the use of automobiles can somehow control global temperatures.  There are even newspaper writers, cable and network news producers, politicians, actors, and actresses who think if you question … Continue reading

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Mr. President Please Stick To Relevant Issues

This week the president of The United States delivered a speech on bullying.  This is the type of topic which should be discussed by a president of a board of education or a principal or a teacher.  This is a … Continue reading

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How Dumb Do The Democrats Think We Are?

The Democrat politicians in Washington must think we are utter morons.  The Democrats have been in control of the House and Senate since January 2007.  Despite what the members of the media were telling us from the beginning of 2002 … Continue reading

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Our Freedoms Come From God, Not the Government

Why did Mr. Obama leave out the most important word out of the Declaration of Independence in a recent address to the Hispanic Caucus? Leftist, Socialist Agenda The president destroyed the tourism industry in Las Vegas; he put thousands of … Continue reading

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