The Liberals Have Made The United States A Laughing Stock To The Rest Of The World

The United States of America is sitting on a tremendous amount of oil reserves, and an unbeliveable amount of coal.  However the idiots in Washington refuse to let us process and sell our own resources and force us to get resources from countries who hate America and everything America stands for.  Mining for coal and drilling would employ thousands and thousands and thousands of Americans, but that does not matter to the idiots running the country.  Instead they have chosen to appease environmental extremists who would prefer we live in the stone ages.  The environmental dictators would rather we ride bicycles to work and live in caves with not electricity.

Other countries are allowed to build nuclear power plants.  The United States even shared the technology with countries, but the we do not get to build nuclear power plants here in the United States.  The liberals in Washington have made it too difficult and expensive to build nuclear power plants here in the United States.  The federal and state governments also make it very difficult and expensive to build coal or natural gas power plants.  China puts a new coal power plant on line every week, but new power plants are fought tooth and nail here in the United States.  Instead of building new power plants, Congress chose to outlaw the incandescent light bulb.

The liberals have made the United States a laughing stock to the rest of the world.  Other countries think it is absolutely ridiculous that the United States does not utilize the resources in our country.  They also think it is ridiculous that our leaders have destroyed jobs, the economy, while subsidizing unprofitable experiments like electric cars.

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Pray for the morons at Fox

The morons at Fox refused to run an by the website  Fox said the ad was ‘religious doctrine’, and banned the ad from running nationally.  But why would anyone expect anything different from a television network that airs garbage like, ‘The Family Guy’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘The Cleveland Show’, and ‘Raising Hope’.  The ad was allowed to run in Birmingham, AL and Washington D.C., and the website was overwhelmed with internet traffic.  But the ad should have been aired nationally.

With all of the ridiculous nonsense we are subjected to daily in commercials, this one should not have been banned.  A message of hope for mankind should never be considered controversial.  If you agree with me, send a letter to the morons at Fox and let them you know that you think banning this ad was small minded.  Oh and pray for them too.  They need all of the prayers they can get.

The ad:

A message of hope:

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Nissan, The Polar Bears Are Not In Danger

In Nissan’s commercial for its new experimental production car, the Nissan Leaf, that’s right Nissan actually named a car, Leaf, a polar makes the journey from the North Pole to some idiot in the lower 48 who purchased a Nissan Leaf.  Instead of mauling the guy, the polar bear gives the guy a hug.  I guess this supposed to mean that the guy saved the polar bear’s life by driving an electric car.

First of all, the polar bears are not endangered, the population has actually been increasing in some areas of the world.  Second, CO2 is not a toxic gas, it is a trace element in the atmosphere, necessary to sustain plant life, and it is not warming the globe or melting the ice at the North Pole.  Third, the internal combustion engine is not effecting the global temperature.

The environmentalists will not let us drill for oil in the United States.  The environmentalists will not lets us build new oil refineries to turn the oil into gas, which is driving the price of gas and oil through the roof.  The environmentalists will not let us build new coal, natural gas, or nuclear power plants.  So we will not be able to meet the demand of recharging electric cars nightly.

The Nissan Leaf starts at $25,000, save your money, buy a used high gas mileage Civic, and put the extra $10,000 in the bank.,2933,138346,00.html

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My Father Is In Heaven

It has been a little over six years since my father passed away.  He death was sudden and tragic.  It was totally unexpected, and I may never be able to get over the circumstances surrounding his death.  However, when I was seven years old.  I witnessed my father accept Jesus Christ into his heart, and I was in the church when he Baptized, professing his faith in front of the congregation.  I know that he is now in Heaven enjoying his eternal reward.  It gives me great comfort to know that he accepted Jesus before dying.

I never asked God why my father died the way he did or why he was taken so soon.  I know why and I completely understand.  It does not make it any easier to accept, however I know I would have been devastated if he had not professed his faith and asked God for forgiveness.  My father did not have a slow lingering death in a hospital bed, he would not have had time to ask Jesus into his heart.  When he woke up that morning, my father had no clue that would be his last day on earth.  This is why you should ask Jesus to come into your heart now, do not wait another day.  You never know which day will be your last day on earth.  I did not get a chance to say goodbye to my father, but I know that I will get to see him again because I have professed my faith, asked Jesus to come into my heart, and asked for forgiveness from God.

How To Ask Jesus Into Your Heart

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Obamacare Ruled Unconstitutional

All members of Congress take an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States when being sworn into office.  Despite taking this oath, the members of Congress continue to pass unconstitutional laws.  Today a judge ruled obamacare, passed in the middle of the night, after securing a large number of back room deals, and going completely against the will of the citizens of the United States, unconstitutional.  Nancy Pelosi, was quoted as saying that we need to pass it to find out what is in it.  Maybe if she had read it, she would have realized it is unconstitutional to force citizens to purchase health insurance.  Then again Nancy and the democrats view the U.S. Constitution as an obstacle.  Every representative who voted for obamacare should be thrown out of office for violating The Constitution, but then again most of those who voted for the bill were thrown out of office last November.  Hopefully the trend will continue, and obama will become a one term president.

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Windows Weekly Host Can’t Say Christmas, But Takes The Lord’s Name in Vain

I am a computer programmer, and I listen to a lot of technology podcasts on my Microsoft Zune.  You probably have never heard of the ‘Windows Weekly’ podcast, since I am a Windows programmer, and like to keep up with the latest technology news.  ‘Windows Weekly’ is one of the technology podcasts that I listen to.  The podcast is hosted by Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte.

Paul has written several technology books dealing with Microsoft Windows, and Loe has created a podcast empire from his home in California while hosting a nationally syndicated radio show on the weekends.   On the podcast, the two talk about the latest news involving Microsoft.

On one of the first podcasts in January, shortly after Christmas.  Paul explained how he organized his ‘holiday’ music on his mp3 player, and listened to the ‘holiday’ music in his house.  He explained that he has many ‘holiday’ mp3’s, but since he only listens to them once a year, he has a hard time figuring out where to store the songs.  It is very obvious  that he was talking about Christmas and Christmas songs because it was only a couple of weeks after Christmas, and Christmas is the only Holiday with songs in the United States of America.  Later in the same episode, he took the Lord’s name in vain.  He didn’t say OMG, but he used the worst form, the one that obama’s former paster, Reverend Wright used to curse America after the September 11th attacks.

Sure Paul is entitled to free speech, he can say whatever he wants to say on his podcast.  The FCC has not begun regulating podcasts, not yet anyway.  He is entitled to say whatever he wants to including ‘Christmas’ songs.  It is truly pathetic that he felt it was necessary to censor the word ‘Christmas’.  Well, at this time in American history, Christianity is being censored.

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Message from Democrats: Shut Up, Republicans

The left is at again.  They have blamed the  mass murder in  Arizona  on Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh.  Democrat politicians have used this as an occasion to try to drum up support to reinstate The Fairness Doctrine and end talk radio.  Never mind that the shooter did not listen to talk or watch the news.  The biased, left wing media has chosen to lay the blame at the feet of Fox News and talk radio.

Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County, where the shooting took place has blamed Rush Limbaugh and political discourse for the shooting and referred to Arizona as the mecca of bigotry and prejudice.  The left wing media blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting by referring to a 2008 election map election with cross hair symbols.  When Sarah Palin defended herself, the left wing media asked why is Ms. Palin putting herself in the middle of this.  Left wing media, you are the ones who brought her into the middle of this.

The message from the state run media, a propaganda arm of the democrat party, is clear.  The reason for the shooting is due to the fact that talk radio forced those on the right to get angry at Mr. Obama and the democrats for ramming through socialized medicine, for ruining the economy, for attacking capitalism, for increasing the death tax from 0 to 55%, for bailing out the GM unions while clobbering shareholders, for wasting tax dollars on the fraud of global warming, for ignoring our immigration laws and filing a lawsuit to prevent the immigration laws from being enforced, and for banning off shore drilling.  Most citizens of the United States did not need talk radio to get them motivated to stand up and fight against these attacks on our country.

Sheriff Dupnik, a person is not a racist or prejudice if that person simply wants the immigration laws of the United States enforced.  A person is not a racist if that person does not want to be murdered by an illegal alien drug lord while tending to their ranch.  Mr. Obama, a person is not a radical right wing, nut job, if that person is opposed to your destruction of health care in the United States.

The left is in favor of free speech as long as you are on their side of every single issue.  If you are not, they want you silenced.  Every single person in this country is entitled to free speech, and those in this country on the right side of the issues have the right to speak out against the push toward socialism in this country.  If you are opposed to the policies of this administration continue to speak out against those policies, do not let the left intimidate you into remaining silent.

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