Man Cannot Control the Weather

The liberals around the globe would have you believe that man, through the use of automobiles can somehow control global temperatures.  There are even newspaper writers, cable and network news producers, politicians, actors, and actresses who think if you question global warming that you only question it because you were either brain washed by Fox News or Rush Limbaugh.

Ariana Huffington and Al Gore declared the debate to be over.  Never mind there are thousands of scientists who disagree.  Never mind the scientists who developed the hockey stick graph admitted they were cooking the numbers.  Global Warming is nothing more than a money making scheme for Al Gore.  That is the only reason he is so determined not to let anyone disagree with the made up theory.

I am not an Ivy League Graduate, but I am smart enough to know that my vehicle cannot cause the temperature of the globe to rise.  I am smart enough to know that emissions from cows also cannot cause Global Warming.  I am smart enough to know that Carbon Dioxide is just a trace element in the environment, it is a necessary for all element for all living things, it is not harmful to the environment, and it should never be regulated.

Global Warming, Climate Change, Global Climate Disruption, or whatever you want to call it, is a farce. It was invented as a money making scheme, and those who have perpetuated the hoax have used scare tactics to continue to take money.  The climate does change.  Temperatures do rise and fall.  Hurricanes are more numerous and intense in certain years than others.  Deadly Tornadoes and Tsunamis do strike, but they always have, it is called weather, not Global Climate Disruption.

The sad thing is that these scientists have brainwashed a lot of supposedly smart people into believing that man has the ability to control the weather.  Man cannot control the weather, and anyone who believes that is foolish.  The debate is over, there is no such as Global Warming.

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