Message From The White House – Keep Your Opinions to Yourself

The liberals are in favor of free speech as long as you completely agree with them.  The Obama campaign team has created a website which allows you to turn in conservatives.  If anyone disagrees with Obama you can submit their name and post to the Orwellian website, Attack Watch.  Of course the lame stream media has completely ignored this story because it sheds a bad light on the president.   The goal of the media is to get Obama reelected, and any negative stories about the president are simply not allowed to see the light of day.

Can you imagine the outrage if President George W. Bush had created a website asking citizens to turn in liberal bloggers?  The story would have been the only story airing every night.  There would be organized marches on Washington demanding the president stop his attack on free speech.  This president has proved time and time again, he is opposed to free speech, unless you agree with his policies and his ideals.  If you do not, you will be turned in to his thought police.

This president needs to grow some thick skin and learn how to act like a president.  He does not need an intimidating website to get out his message.  All he has to do is grab a podium and microphone, and MSNBC will be there with cameras to broadcast his message, and they will use their commentators to curtail any differing opinions.

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