Obama, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

President Obama and the policies of his democrat allies have made it unbelievably difficult to drill for oil in the shallow water off the coast of the United States.  They have also made it very difficult to drill for oil on land in the United States.  These actions forced oil companies to drill for oil in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  This lead to last years’ catastrophe in the Gulf, which killed human citizens of the United States.  Of course, the left wing media who puts animal life above human life focused on the animal deaths caused by the disaster, and quickly forgot about the loss of human life in the massive fire.

If Obama and his left-wing, capitalism killing friends in the democrat party would have allowed oil companies drill for oil on land and in shallow waters, the disaster in the Gulf might not have ever happened.  Obama ignored the disaster for several days, providing no direction, and his incompetent appointments ignored the NOAA’s emergency plan, which gave the Coast Guard the authority to burn off the oil immediately.  If the administration had acted quickly, the disaster would have been far less catastrophic, and maybe more of the businesses on the Alabama Gulf Coast would have been saved.

Obama and his administration completely bungled the spill in the Gulf, and to add insult to injury, they placed a moratorium on deep water drilling, and have issued only one permit since the ban was lifted.  This has caused more unemployment and more dependence on foreign oil.  Furthermore, his actions have caused oil rigs to pull up anchor and move to Brazil, and Obama recently promised to subsidize Brazil’s oil industry while destroying America’s oil industry.  If only the citizens of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama had voted for Obama during the election, maybe he would have helped the oil industry and acted quickly during the early stages of the oil spill.

One thing is for certain, if you enjoy high unemployment rates, a disastrous economy, and dependence on foreign oil, you should vote for Obama in 2012, and keep the democrats in charge of the Senate.

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