Can You Believe Charlie Sheen Was Complaining About Getting Paid 1.8 Million Dollars Per Episode?

Charlie Sheen should have been on his hands and knees thanking God for getting paid 1.8 million dollars per episode, instead of whining about not getting enough.  The rest of us out here in the real world cannot comprehend the idea of getting paid that much money for a year, much less 24 times a year.  The rest of us out hear in the real world struggle to buy groceries, gas, clothing, and are just happy to have a positive balance in our checking accounts.  But not Charlie. He was not happy. He felt he deserved 3 million dollars per episode.  It was not fair that the producers made more money than he did.  They needed to share their wealth with him.  Charlie sounds an awful like a democrat.

The producers of Two and a Half Men put up with a lot from Charlie, but the last straw came when Charlie decided it would be a great idea to insult the producers and their families in public.  Charlie probably could have kept doing as many drugs, drinking as much alcohol, and had as many women with questionable career choices as he wanted staying at his house, if he had just kept his mouth shut.

One thing is certain, Charlie should ask Jesus into his heart, and straighten out his life.  I do not know one person who has ever said, my life was going nowhere until I started drinking alcohol, and doing large quantities of illegal drugs.  Drugs and alcohol really brought me out the gutter.  But I know several people who have saved their lives by asking Jesus into their hearts.

How to ask Jesus Into Your Heart

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