The Morons in Washington Do Not Care That You Cannot Afford To Put Gas in Your Car

The president’s limo, the vehicles his security force uses, Air Force One, the jets guarding Air Force One, all need fuel to operate.  We, the tax payers pay for that fuel.  The price of gasoline absolutely does not affect the president.  He receives an annual salary of $400,000 from us, the citizens of the United States.  He lives rent free in a house we pay to maintain.  He does not have to struggle to make ends meet, like the rest of us.

During his campaign, Obama stated he would have preferred a gradual rise in gas prices.  Obama and his Democrat buddies want the price of gas to be high so that we will use less energy.  Instead of drilling for more oil in the United States and building more oil refineries, the Democrats make it part of their platform to drive up gas prices.  The members of the House and the Senate who do this, get paid $174,000 per year, so high gas prices do not affect them the same as it affects us.

Since Obama has been in office, he has placed a moratorium on deep water oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and the oil rigs pulled anchor and floated away to Brazil.  He has refused to open land in the United States for drilling.  He fights all efforts to drill for oil anywhere and everywhere.  Obama and the Democrats attack and demonize oil companies, and criticize their profits, even though the United States’ makes more money on a gallon of gas than the oil companies through taxes.

When George W. Bush was president of the United States, the media blamed him for driving up the price of gas, even though it was clearly the liberal policies of the Democrats that drove up the price of gas.  Now that a Democrat is in the Whitehouse, the media is blaming everyone besides the actual people causing the price of a barrel of oil to sky rocket out of control.  If you want to point the finger of blame at someone for the ridiculous price of gas, point the finger at the Democrats who run this country, and their anti-capitalistic policies.

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