Pray for the morons at Fox

The morons at Fox refused to run an by the website  Fox said the ad was ‘religious doctrine’, and banned the ad from running nationally.  But why would anyone expect anything different from a television network that airs garbage like, ‘The Family Guy’, ‘The Simpsons’, ‘The Cleveland Show’, and ‘Raising Hope’.  The ad was allowed to run in Birmingham, AL and Washington D.C., and the website was overwhelmed with internet traffic.  But the ad should have been aired nationally.

With all of the ridiculous nonsense we are subjected to daily in commercials, this one should not have been banned.  A message of hope for mankind should never be considered controversial.  If you agree with me, send a letter to the morons at Fox and let them you know that you think banning this ad was small minded.  Oh and pray for them too.  They need all of the prayers they can get.

The ad:

A message of hope:

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