Nissan, The Polar Bears Are Not In Danger

In Nissan’s commercial for its new experimental production car, the Nissan Leaf, that’s right Nissan actually named a car, Leaf, a polar makes the journey from the North Pole to some idiot in the lower 48 who purchased a Nissan Leaf.  Instead of mauling the guy, the polar bear gives the guy a hug.  I guess this supposed to mean that the guy saved the polar bear’s life by driving an electric car.

First of all, the polar bears are not endangered, the population has actually been increasing in some areas of the world.  Second, CO2 is not a toxic gas, it is a trace element in the atmosphere, necessary to sustain plant life, and it is not warming the globe or melting the ice at the North Pole.  Third, the internal combustion engine is not effecting the global temperature.

The environmentalists will not let us drill for oil in the United States.  The environmentalists will not lets us build new oil refineries to turn the oil into gas, which is driving the price of gas and oil through the roof.  The environmentalists will not let us build new coal, natural gas, or nuclear power plants.  So we will not be able to meet the demand of recharging electric cars nightly.

The Nissan Leaf starts at $25,000, save your money, buy a used high gas mileage Civic, and put the extra $10,000 in the bank.,2933,138346,00.html

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