My Father Is In Heaven

It has been a little over six years since my father passed away.  He death was sudden and tragic.  It was totally unexpected, and I may never be able to get over the circumstances surrounding his death.  However, when I was seven years old.  I witnessed my father accept Jesus Christ into his heart, and I was in the church when he Baptized, professing his faith in front of the congregation.  I know that he is now in Heaven enjoying his eternal reward.  It gives me great comfort to know that he accepted Jesus before dying.

I never asked God why my father died the way he did or why he was taken so soon.  I know why and I completely understand.  It does not make it any easier to accept, however I know I would have been devastated if he had not professed his faith and asked God for forgiveness.  My father did not have a slow lingering death in a hospital bed, he would not have had time to ask Jesus into his heart.  When he woke up that morning, my father had no clue that would be his last day on earth.  This is why you should ask Jesus to come into your heart now, do not wait another day.  You never know which day will be your last day on earth.  I did not get a chance to say goodbye to my father, but I know that I will get to see him again because I have professed my faith, asked Jesus to come into my heart, and asked for forgiveness from God.

How To Ask Jesus Into Your Heart

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