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Pray for the morons at Fox

The morons at Fox refused to run an by the website  Fox said the ad was ‘religious doctrine’, and banned the ad from running nationally.  But why would anyone expect anything different from a television network that airs garbage like, ‘The … Continue reading

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Nissan, The Polar Bears Are Not In Danger

In Nissan’s commercial for its new experimental production car, the Nissan Leaf, that’s right Nissan actually named a car, Leaf, a polar makes the journey from the North Pole to some idiot in the lower 48 who purchased a Nissan … Continue reading

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My Father Is In Heaven

It has been a little over six years since my father passed away.  He death was sudden and tragic.  It was totally unexpected, and I may never be able to get over the circumstances surrounding his death.  However, when I … Continue reading

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