Windows Weekly Host Can’t Say Christmas, But Takes The Lord’s Name in Vain

I am a computer programmer, and I listen to a lot of technology podcasts on my Microsoft Zune.  You probably have never heard of the ‘Windows Weekly’ podcast, since I am a Windows programmer, and like to keep up with the latest technology news.  ‘Windows Weekly’ is one of the technology podcasts that I listen to.  The podcast is hosted by Paul Thurrott and Leo Laporte.

Paul has written several technology books dealing with Microsoft Windows, and Loe has created a podcast empire from his home in California while hosting a nationally syndicated radio show on the weekends.   On the podcast, the two talk about the latest news involving Microsoft.

On one of the first podcasts in January, shortly after Christmas.  Paul explained how he organized his ‘holiday’ music on his mp3 player, and listened to the ‘holiday’ music in his house.  He explained that he has many ‘holiday’ mp3’s, but since he only listens to them once a year, he has a hard time figuring out where to store the songs.  It is very obvious  that he was talking about Christmas and Christmas songs because it was only a couple of weeks after Christmas, and Christmas is the only Holiday with songs in the United States of America.  Later in the same episode, he took the Lord’s name in vain.  He didn’t say OMG, but he used the worst form, the one that obama’s former paster, Reverend Wright used to curse America after the September 11th attacks.

Sure Paul is entitled to free speech, he can say whatever he wants to say on his podcast.  The FCC has not begun regulating podcasts, not yet anyway.  He is entitled to say whatever he wants to including ‘Christmas’ songs.  It is truly pathetic that he felt it was necessary to censor the word ‘Christmas’.  Well, at this time in American history, Christianity is being censored.

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