Message from Democrats: Shut Up, Republicans

The left is at again.  They have blamed the  mass murder in  Arizona  on Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh.  Democrat politicians have used this as an occasion to try to drum up support to reinstate The Fairness Doctrine and end talk radio.  Never mind that the shooter did not listen to talk or watch the news.  The biased, left wing media has chosen to lay the blame at the feet of Fox News and talk radio.

Sheriff Dupnik of Pima County, where the shooting took place has blamed Rush Limbaugh and political discourse for the shooting and referred to Arizona as the mecca of bigotry and prejudice.  The left wing media blamed Sarah Palin for the shooting by referring to a 2008 election map election with cross hair symbols.  When Sarah Palin defended herself, the left wing media asked why is Ms. Palin putting herself in the middle of this.  Left wing media, you are the ones who brought her into the middle of this.

The message from the state run media, a propaganda arm of the democrat party, is clear.  The reason for the shooting is due to the fact that talk radio forced those on the right to get angry at Mr. Obama and the democrats for ramming through socialized medicine, for ruining the economy, for attacking capitalism, for increasing the death tax from 0 to 55%, for bailing out the GM unions while clobbering shareholders, for wasting tax dollars on the fraud of global warming, for ignoring our immigration laws and filing a lawsuit to prevent the immigration laws from being enforced, and for banning off shore drilling.  Most citizens of the United States did not need talk radio to get them motivated to stand up and fight against these attacks on our country.

Sheriff Dupnik, a person is not a racist or prejudice if that person simply wants the immigration laws of the United States enforced.  A person is not a racist if that person does not want to be murdered by an illegal alien drug lord while tending to their ranch.  Mr. Obama, a person is not a radical right wing, nut job, if that person is opposed to your destruction of health care in the United States.

The left is in favor of free speech as long as you are on their side of every single issue.  If you are not, they want you silenced.  Every single person in this country is entitled to free speech, and those in this country on the right side of the issues have the right to speak out against the push toward socialism in this country.  If you are opposed to the policies of this administration continue to speak out against those policies, do not let the left intimidate you into remaining silent.

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