Saying Merry Christmas Is Not Offensive

In the United States, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th.  It is a time to when people across the country stand in long lines purchasing large amounts of merchandise from retail stores.  These retail store make most of their money during the month of December, and most of the customers who purchase items from their stores during this time are purchasing the items in order to give them as Christmas presents.  However some of these retail stores have forbidden their employees to wish customers a Merry Christmas.  Furthermore these stores remove any reference to Christmas in their flyers and advertising.

These stores should be embracing Christmas.  The people who run these stores should be spreading the joys of Christmas instead of caving into the political correctness of the left who wish to turn The United States into a secular society.

I get it, not everyone is a Christian, and not everyone believes the true meaning of Christmas.  However, this is no reason to ruin it for the rest of us who do celebrate Christmas and are not offended by a simple phrase.  All of the management of these stores who refuse to let their employees wish customers a Merry Christmas may find out they have appeased the wrong group and find themselves  out of business and out of a job.  Believe me, the majority of shoppers in the United States believe that saying Merry Christmas is not offensive.

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  1. ronnie cook says:

    Jesus is lord

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