Seriously, Why Does Anyone Ever Vote For A Democrat?

The leaders of the democrat party, the ones in Washington, have core beliefs that they stick to no matter the state of the country.   All of their policies are based on the main principles of high taxes and a weak military.  Every single time a democrat takes the office of the president or the democrats gain control of the House or Senate, the very first thing they do is raise taxes and cut military funding.  It has been proven time and time again that lowering taxes increases revenue to the government.

The revenue grows because corporations and small business are able to hire more employees when taxes are lowered.  When businesses hire more employees, there less
people unemployed, less unemployment compensation is paid from the government’s revenue, and more income tax is collected.  This is so simple, unfortunately the democrats just do not get it.  According to the lame-stream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, NY Times, etc.), Republicans, especially Conservative, Christan, Republicans are a bunch of backward, bumpkin morons.  Well, if we are so dumb, why do we understand how the economy works and the democrats do not?

As soon as Obama took the office of President of The United States, he immediately cut funding to the military, changed the rules of engagement in Afghanistan, which has put our soldiers in great danger, announced America would be pulling out of Iraq, and he toured the world apologizing for America’s success.  Not only has the president weakened the military, he has made the US look inferior to other countries by apologizing.  He has put the lives of soldiers in danger by announcing a pull out date.  He has put the government of Iraq in danger by announcing a pull out date.  The US still has troops in Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, and Germany.

I know the democrats hate the military and everything it stands for, but the democrats should stop endangering the lives of our troops just to prove they are anti-war peaceniks.  Since Obama has taken office, America has been attacked by terrorists three times, the failed Christmas bombing, the failed Times-Square bombing, and the attack on Fort Hood.  The only reason the two bombings failed was due to the fact that the terrorists did not know how to properly detonate a bomb.  I do not feel safe with the current president in office.  I will not step foot on a plane until the current president is out office.  Of course, I can not afford to fly anyway because the democrats have made the destroyed the economy.

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One Response to Seriously, Why Does Anyone Ever Vote For A Democrat?

  1. May you be touched by the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s noodly appendage.

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