A Few Questions About Atheism

If atheists do not believe in God, why are they so angry that Christians do?  Why have they made it their goal to eliminate Christianity?  Why are they so angry when they hear a Christian pray?  If their beliefs do not constitute a religion, why are they trying so hard to convert everyone?  Why are atheists so angry at Christians?  Christianity is not the only religion in the United States, why do they not attack other religions?

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9 Responses to A Few Questions About Atheism

  1. Anna says:

    I wish the argumentation in your post had more support, because I think this is a valid discourse that should be taken up on a public forum. You really don’t provide many specifics, though, so it is difficult to tell whether you are referring to a personal experience, a national news clip, etc. As far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter at all whether people are Christian, Muslim, atheist, etc. — I don’t even care if people pray (to whomever they want) in public. The only thing that irritates me is when people in positions of power (teachers, politicians, military & police, managers, etc.) advocate their religion as the natural ideology. If you are in a position of submission below someone who does this, you have lost your freedom to speak out in opposition (lest you lose your grade, job, etc.). As far as I’m concerned, this is coercion in much the same way that teachers having sex with their student is inethical (and illegal, depending, of course, upon the age of the student involved). Finally, I have never met an atheist or agnostic who was interested in converting others — in my experience, this is something that is fairly unique to Evangelical Christianity. Usually the argument is against Christianity pervading government or school, which is more about raising your family the way YOU want to raise them than it is about changing the way other people raise their families. Again, in my experience, it’s Christians who want everyone else to “do it their way.”

    • I will provide specifics. As far as evangelical atheist goes, see Christopher Hitchens.

      • Anna says:

        Still waiting on your specifics, by the way.

      • This moron, http://truelogic.wordpress.com/, hates God, Religion, and Christians. He is actively trying to convert others to his beliefs.
        The freedom from religion foundation (http://www.ffrf.org/) contains over 15,500 members who are actively trying to stop all public acknowledgement of God and Christianity.
        It is Christmas again in the United States, and the atheists are actively removing the word Christmas from every Christmas event.
        The atheists are actively removing all Nativity Scenes from cities and towns across the nation.
        The atheists have taken out billboards mocking Christians belief in Jesus Christ and God.
        Why are the atheists not attacking other religions?
        I drive past a buddha statue everyday. Why are the atheists not demanding it be removed?

  2. Why are you so angry that atheists don’t believe in God?
    Why have you made it your goal to eliminate atheism?
    Why are you so angry when someone doesn’t pray?
    Why are you trying so hard to convert everyone?
    Why are you so angry at atheists?
    Why don’t you attack other religions or non-religions? (well, you probably do)
    All of your questions are not accurate of atheists, but perhaps they are accurate of Christians.

    • I believe in God. I believe that the only to get into Heaven when you die is to accept Jesus Christ into your heart. The Bible has commanded Christians to spread the Word of God, and to help others gain eternal life through Jesus Christ. I pray that you one day will accept Jesus into your heart before it is too late.

  3. Anna says:

    It’s fine if you want to pray for me, but please stop oppressing women, minorities, and the poor in the name of Jesus. I’m pretty sure he would not be in favor of that kind of behavior, anyway.

    • I assure you that I have never oppressed anyone in my life.

      • Anna says:

        Continuing to propagate myths of the mean and bitter nature of atheist and agnostic Americans is most certainly oppressive — so essentially, you have contributed to oppression on some level.

        More generally though, the Biblical principles of the Old Testament (often cited in arguments about abortion, women’s leadership, divorce, gay marriage, as well as a host of other debates in which the white, male, heterosexual, Christian “majority” is in danger of losing overarching privilege) are most certainly oppressive to women, and Paul of the New Testament is maybe the first literarily documented misogynist. If you aren’t sure which specific chapters/passages I’m talking about, you probably aren’t reading your Bible closely enough — they’re fairly obvious.

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