Extremist Group, Freedom From Religion, Wants To End Public Prayer

The extremist atheist group, Freedom From Religion is trying its best to prevent public officials from exercising their religious freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. This country was founded on the belief in God, and it has become a custom, over the years, for Americans to open meetings by praying to God .  We are told everyday, that we should be accepting of customs of citizens of other countries, however our American customs are slowly being eroded.

Here is a list of the group’s efforts to end public prayer:

Lawsuit filed to stop prayer at Lakeland, FL city council meetings:

Lawsuit filed to stop prayer at Presidential Inaguration:

Letter sent to stop prayer at Birmingham, AL city council meetings:

Lawsuit filed to stop National Day of Prayer:

Letter sent to stop prayer at Augusta, GA city council meetings:

The extremist group wants to end prayer on US Navy ships:

The extremist group demanded prayer at high school graduations be banned:
Exeter Union High School in California
Greenwood, IN

The extremists at the Freedom From Religion have been very busy.  They have sent letters to the following cities threatening lawsuits if the city councils do not stop praying before council meetings:  Birmingham, AL, Woodruff, SC, Spartanburg, SC, Augusta, GA,  Lodi, CA, Tracy, CA,  Los Banos, CA, Hartford, CT, Lakeland, FL, Elmhurst, IL, Independence, MO, North Kansas, MO, Searcy City, AR, Harville, OH, just to name a few

This group will not rest until we are no longer allowed to pray.  Atheists banned prayer in school, prayer was replaced with a moment of silence, but that wasn’t good enough, atheists banned the moment of silence.  Atheists have been successful in outlawing Nativity Scenes, crosses on the side of the road, banning cheerleaders from holding up signs with Bible Verses at high school football games.  Atheists have banned high school players from praying before, after or during football games.  And that is not enough, the atheists are also going after prayer at little league football games.

How long before atheist file lawsuits to force churches to take down their signs located next to federally funded interstates?  How long before an atheist files a lawsuit to prevent people from putting religious stickers on their automobiles because the automobile travels over public roads?  How long will it be before Christians are forced to worship in secret because of the fear being jailed?

Take action, vote out politicians who appoint radical left wing judges with no regard for our religious freedoms and misinterpret the Constitution before it is too late.

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One Response to Extremist Group, Freedom From Religion, Wants To End Public Prayer

  1. Looks like it’s trying to stop government mandated prayer, not public prayer. Your blog post title is inaccurate.

    Citizens have all the right in the world to pray whenever or however they want. They do not have the right, however, to insert their religion into the government that belongs to all of us.

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