Hey Rush Limbaugh, Obama Succeeded

Shortly before Mr. Obama took office, Rush Limbaugh took some flack for stating on his highly successful radio show, that he hoped Obama failed.  Rush Limbaugh hoped that Obama would fail to grow government and advance his leftist agenda.  Mr. Limbaugh’s comments angered those brilliant ladies on the View as well as left wing talking heads Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and every left wing blogger on the internet.  Well, liberals you got your wish, Obama succeeded.

Unfortunately for the country, Obama’s success means failure for the country.  Obama helped to destroy the tourism industry in Las Vegas.  Mr. Obama devalued the dollar by growing the deficit to record levels.  Obama has been successful in maintaining large unemployment levels by his mismanagement of the economy while blaming the private sector.  Obama has also been successful in instrumenting a government take over of two automobile companies.  His administration and his fellow Democrats in the House and Senate have signed a bill into law that will give the government the power to seize and dismantle financial firms.  Obama and the Democrats were also successful in passing a healthcare bill which will raise insurance premiums for everyone, lead to healthcare rationing, and spell the end of private insurance companies.

However, in the midst of all these dark clouds, there might be a silver lining.  Obama has also been successful in turning American voters against the Democrat party.  It has gotten so bad for the Democrats, they are not mentioning their party affiliation in campaign ads around the country.  Democrats are also not mentioning healthcare reform whether they voted for it or not, and if they do mention it, they are promising to repeal the law.  Obama has managed to alienate most of the independent and moderate voters who voted for him.  His radical, leftist agenda and his total disregard of the will of the people has awakened the voters of the United States, and just might lead to a GOP takeover of the House and Senate.  Hopefully this will lead to a slow down of Obama’s agenda, and lead to Obama’s ouster in 2012.

The liberals in this country still do not get it, the economic policies of this president will not help the economy to rebound.  It is very simple, the government should taxes, get out of the way of the private sector and the economy will rebound.  Unfortunately for the country, the Democrats believe in high taxes and big government.

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