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Seriously, Why Does Anyone Ever Vote For A Democrat?

The leaders of the democrat party, the ones in Washington, have core beliefs that they stick to no matter the state of the country.   All of their policies are based on the main principles of high taxes and a … Continue reading

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A Few Questions About Atheism

If atheists do not believe in God, why are they so angry that Christians do?  Why have they made it their goal to eliminate Christianity?  Why are they so angry when they hear a Christian pray?  If their beliefs do … Continue reading

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The Chilean Miners Are Rescued, And Give Thanks To God

I am very thankful the Chilean miner story has had a happy ending.  Millions of people around had their prayers answered when all 33 miners were safely pulled from up from 2,000 feet the ground.   According to this CBN article, … Continue reading

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Extremist Group, Freedom From Religion, Wants To End Public Prayer

The extremist atheist group, Freedom From Religion is trying its best to prevent public officials from exercising their religious freedoms guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution. This country was founded on the belief in God, and it has become a custom, … Continue reading

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Hey Rush Limbaugh, Obama Succeeded

Shortly before Mr. Obama took office, Rush Limbaugh took some flack for stating on his highly successful radio show, that he hoped Obama failed.  Rush Limbaugh hoped that Obama would fail to grow government and advance his leftist agenda.  Mr. … Continue reading

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