How Dumb Do The Democrats Think We Are?

The Democrat politicians in Washington must think we are utter morons.  The Democrats have been in control of the House and Senate since January 2007.  Despite what the members of the media were telling us from the beginning of 2002 until the end of 2006, the economy was booming.  When the Democrats gained control of the House and Senate, the economy began to slowly deteriorate.  Rush Limbaugh  stated on his radio show that the Democrats would probably mess up the economy on purpose to ensure that a Democrat president would be elected.  Whether they did on purpose or not, the Democrats did manage to ruin the economy.  However the media and the Democrats have been successful in putting the blame solely on President George W. Bush, and even though they have been in control of the House, Senate and the White House for 2 years, they are still blaming President George W. Bush.

After the Democrats gained control of the House and Senate in 2007, they strengthened the Mark to Market Rule, which helped lead to the bursting of the housing bubble.  The CEOs of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while in front of Congress warned members of the Democrat Party that they were taking on too many risky mortgages.  The Democrats ignored these warnings and this also helped to lead to the bursting of the housing bubble.

President George W. Bush lifted an Executive Order that limited off shore oil drilling, but the House ignored his gesture and left their ban on off shore drilling in place.  If the Democrats had allowed more off shore drilling for oil, thousands and thousands of jobs would have been created which would have stimulated the economy.
In December of 2009, the Democrats passed the socialized healthcare bill without reading it.  Not one Republican voted for this monstrosity of a bill.  This bill has already caused taxes to increase even though it will not go into effect until 2014.  It has also lead to employers laying off employees and place a freeze on hiring because small companies cannot afford to give their employees insurance, and this has also hurt the economy.  Next year, health insurance companies will have to raise rates because they will be required to insure children on a family plan up to the age of 26.
The environmental policies of the Democrat Party also have hurt the economy.  We can safely drill for oil on land in the United States with minimal impact on the environment, but the Democrats have placed the most fertile places for drilling off limits.  We have massive amounts of coal in the United States, but the Democrats will not let us mine for coal.  We could have inexpensive, clean energy through the use of nuclear power, but the Democrats have made it almost impossible to build a new nuclear power plant.  We could reduce the price of gasoline, but the Democrats have made it almost impossible to build oil refineries in the United States.
Did President George W. Bush help to hurt the economy?  Absolutely, he helped the Democrats with the great Ethanol experiment, which caused the price of everything to go up.  He also helped create the Prescription Drug Program which grew government and increased the federal deficit.
Did the Republicans help to hurt the economy?  Yes, the Republicans were in control of the House and Senate from beginning of 2002 until the end of 2006.  During this time because of the booming economy the revenues were flowing freely to Washington, however the Republicans increased spending and grew the deficit instead of balancing the budget. However, the only time the Republicans hurt the economy was when they were acting like liberals instead of conservatives.
During his campaign, Mr. Obama blamed President George Bush on the faltering economy.  I guess he and the media forgot that the Democrats were in control of the House and Senate.  After Mr. Obama was elected, he raised taxes immediately, increased government spending, which has devalued the dollar.  He single handedly destroyed the tourism industry in Las Vegas by demanding that corporations not send their employees there.   That action has lead to record unemployment in the state of Nevada.  Mr. Obama has relentlessly attacked the private sector and punished corporations with more regulations for an economic crisis caused in part by the Democrats.  The new regulations will reduce profits and lead to more unemployment.  Mr. Obama also recently put thousands of Gulf Coast workers out of work by banning off shore drilling, while he still was saying that he is doing everything he possibly to help the economy.
Mr. Obama is still in campaign mode, he is trying to help the Democrats maintain control of the House and Senate.  The Democrats are still blaming the economic crisis on the previous administration.  They are claiming they have done all they can do to stimulate the economy.  Unfortunately, everything they have tried has been proven in the past, to hurt the economy.  Lowering government spending and cutting taxes always helps the economy, and it is proven to work.  The Democrats do not believe this.  It is standard operating procedure for the Democrats to raise taxes and increase spending.  The economy will never grow when the Democrats are given control of Washington.  The Democrats do not have a clue how to run the economy.
Dear Democrats, it does not matter how many times you blame the previous administration for the financial crisis.  It does not matter how many times you tell us you are trying to help the economy.  We know the truth, and hopefully we will show you that we know the truth in November.
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