Our Freedoms Come From God, Not the Government

Why did Mr. Obama leave out the most important word out of the Declaration of Independence in a recent address to the Hispanic Caucus?
Leftist, Socialist Agenda

The president destroyed the tourism industry in Las Vegas; he put thousands of oil workers out of work in the Gulf States by banning off shore drilling.  He has relentlessly attacked capitalism.  He devalued the stocks of GM and Chrysler shareholders in order to save Union contracts by providing the two companies billions of dollars in US tax dollars to prevent the companies from filing bankruptcy.  He has raised taxes and increased government spending which has devalued the dollar and caused corporations to lay off employees because the tax burden has become unbearable and the value of the dollar has decreased so much.

While he and his Democrat legislators wreaked havoc on the economy, they blamed the previous administration.  They have blamed greedy banks, blamed Wall Street, and greedy CEOs for destroying the economy.  The president and his Democrat pals have been successful in getting a large percentage of people totally reliant on government by destroying jobs and forcing millions into unemployment.

Turn The Nation Into A Secular Nation

It is the goal of liberal politicians like Mr. Obama to grow government and take away our freedoms.  The president does not want anyone to believe that their freedoms come from God as mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.  He wants people to believe that freedoms come from the government.  This is the same reason that Christianity is restricted in China and Cuba.  It is the goal of liberals in this country to make our government resemble the Chinese and Cuban governments.  They are trying their hardest to destroy capitalism and remove all of our religious freedoms and turn the United States of America into a secular country.  Do not let them succeed, save the country, do not vote for a single Democrat in November.
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