A Roswell New Mexico High School Principal Is Intolerant of Christianity

Christian students suspended for bible doughnut handout

A Group of students in Roswell, New Mexico were suspended, not for fighting, not for smoking, but for handing out Bible verses and doughnuts.  The students were punished for handing out Bible verses, handing Bible verses.   It is obvious the atheists in this country have taken over the public classroom.  Atheist extremists have filed lawsuit after lawsuit, and with the help of liberal judges who do not know how to interpret the US Constitution have been successful in completely removing religion from the classroom.

The strong armed tactics of the atheists have so intimidated  school systems, that the atheist extremists only have to send a letter to request a school system stop all forms of religious expression.  When a school system gets a letter, the school system just caves into the demands of the atheist extremists, they don’t even bother with a lawsuit anymore.  The atheists are winning simply because the school systems do not have the money to engage in a lawsuit.

These students did nothing wrong, and the students should not have been suspended.  Please pray for the students, the principal of this school, and pray for the atheists who forced the Roswell school to become so intolerant of Christianity.  Pray the atheist will loose their hatred for Christianity and find God before it is too late.

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